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How this Link Exchange / Traffic Trade System works:

  • Where will my link appear?

  • All Partners get listed in the "Partner Sites" List on the Main Page.

  • Will my link appear there all the time?

  • Your Site will appear in the list for that time which is necessary to balance the trade. E.g. if you send 100 clicks per day, your link will stay in the list until 100 clicks have been sent back.

  • Can I send blind link traffic, e.g. from thumbs?

  • Yes, you can. But keep in mind that blind traffic usually has a bad traffic quality.
    Better use our Promo Material or non misleading Text Links.

  • What happens if I send bad traffic quality?

  • It's simple. If you send 100 clicks of average traffic quality, you will get 100 clicks in return. If your traffic has only 50% quality compared to average, you will get 50 clicks. But if you send 150% quality, you will get 150 clicks back. This ensures very fair trades.

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    Due to cheaters, the automatic sign-up form is closed. Please contact us directly to start a trade.

    *) by submitting this form you assure that your site doesn't use popups, automatic dialers
    or active-x and contains no illegal content like warez, child-porn, etc.

    Please use this Promo Material or non-misleading Text Links to send traffic:

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